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Are you being ripped of

Do you dog owners employ a walker trading as Walkies Devon?
If you do then I think you are being ripped of by this man. I have seen him on numerous occasions with at least 6 dogs crammed into his car.

He takes half of them for about 10minutes exercise puts them back into his car takes the rest fot their 10 minutes and then sits in his car playing with his mobile phone.

You are probably paying him for an hours exercise for your dog but the dog is only getting 10 minutes.

I thought I had to let people know as he is conning people and i supose he claims benefits and doesn` declare his earnings from this work


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Alan R

Thank you for reporting this and potentially enabling readers of this
forum to avoid getting less value for money than expected.

However it is DANGEROUS to make comments like your last
paragraph in a public domain forum. You could be sued for
"loss of reputation" if it turns out that Walkies Devon is a
properly constituted business. Depending on the age of the
business it may not yet have any obligation for earnings to be
declared - although it will have by January 2014 at latest.

Whilst we all have private thoughts about what we see and may
express opinions about whole classes of people, the position is
different when comments are made about identifiable people and
allegations of specific behaviour. Thus please think about the
implications before making comments of a similar nature in future.

I have no connections with anyone involved in this and I do not
have custody of a dog. My comments are purely a warning that
one can get into a legal quagmire by writing "off the cuff". In no
way would I wish anyone to be censored but I believe in the
principle of "informed consent" - which implies going into
situations "with eyes open", and the opportunity to avoid the
situation if it contains avoidable, foreseeable risks.

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