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Dog Fouling and litter.

I know this has been a topic for conversation in the past but i have noticed the issue is getting even worse.

Walking my pup up around stowford community center towards manstone, I have noticed an in dog waste and litter scattered everywhere. I just don't understand what goes through people's heads when they think "oh my dog has just gone to the loo in the middle of a path that children walk up from school, i think i will just leave it there for someone to tread in" or " that was a lovely packet of crisps. lets just chuck the waste into this person's garden hedge"

A major contributing factor is probably the lack of ANY bin in that area. There is 1 dog bin on the grass towards manstone and i understand people not wanting to walk to it, i frequently carry the poo bag home and dispose of it i our own wheelie bin because it gets far too slippery to walk across that grass in this weather. There is a major need for more bins in the local area!

Having said that, there is still no excuse as if there is not a bin i carry my waste home or to a place i know there is a bin.

I always remember one person allowing their dog to poo on my gravel drive and then just walking off and leaving it. allowing your dog to foul and not picking it up is punishable via a fine, but is there a way to report fouling hot spots or incidents? i don't know of any! 

in exeter they have civil enforcement officers that patrol areas and i have seen them give fines to people for dropping cigarette butts and the like. wish we had someone similar, but it boils down to cost though i suppose... i would happly pay a £60 a year rise in council tax to fund civil enforcement officers...


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Raymond L
i agree about the dog fouling here in stowford i have a dog and walk her on the grass area there is a awful lot of dog mess there are a lot of people who do not pick up there dog mess and if you dare to male a comment you generally get a mouthful or worse, the trouble is lack of dog wardens
Jack B
The litter bin at the corner of baker close has been dismantled and vanished presumably by town council There arent enough dog waste bins anywhere in sidmouth One would have thought with the community centre being built it would have been logical to place waste and dog mess bins close to or across the road from said centre in the case of dog mess bins
Sidford Pete
As I said before it is getting out of hand,when I phoned the Council they promised to look into putting a bin in Manstone Lane but as yet nothing.
I think we should all ring the Council and keep on ringing until something is done about it.
David H
it seems silly to fine people for dropping litter and such then to remove all the places people can dispose of it, i don't condone people who litter in the slightest, but you have to say the council had it coming by removing everything!

pete that sounds like a good idea! may do this!
Jan J
I agree that we need bins for both .i did ask and was told it's lack of money . So tomorrow i will ring EDDC again and everyone else do the same until we do get more bins.
It's awful all around our estate up here at Stowford we have the one David mentioned and one down over Stowford Rise for dog mess.and i didn't notice the rubbish bin going from corner of Bakers i will also ask about that one.
Stowford Community Centre is also messy around the building i have seen several piles of dog mess  around the back of the Building .so do people walk thier dogs there or are they allowed to roam about on there own. We have asked about bins at the Centre to no avail.will try again for them also.
Sidford Pete
The Council said the same to me about the lack of money, but as I said the answer is to bring back the dog license, this would help to pay for them.
Pining Lass
If they used the levy from Sanditon in Sidmouth they would be able to provide things like this.

I haven't been able to find out what has happened to the money Sanditon were supposed to pay for being allowed to build high price apartments, does anyone know? Has it even been paid yet?
Jan J
Have just got off the phone to E D D C. and put in a request for the Bin at bottom of Bakers to be put back and also for a bin to be put up on the footpath behind Loch and Chambers Close .have log number so will wait and see. also have to phone Town Council tomorrow as they are point of contact now over Dog Bins.also asked for the hedges to be cut along bottom path and up the lane between Stowford Community Centre and Stowford Lodge,and am about to phone Devon and Cornwall about the Brambles overtaking the footpath along from Loch and Chambers Close.will keep you all updated.
Jan J
me again. called DCH and they are hopefully going to deal with the Hedge.between Lloch and Chambers Close.
Pining Lass
You have been busy Jan, well done :-)
Jack B
The bin on the corner of baker close was a cost saving apparently i wouldnt hold your breath re the new bins anywhere in sidmouth 2500 a bin apparently about the same amount as twinning committee received

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