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Ballroom/Sequence Dance Partner Wanted

Hi Everyone. I am a registered blind lady who would still like to dance occasionally. I am seeking a dance partner who can also drive to enable me to accompany them to either dances or classes. There is a brilliant line dance class that I already attend in Brandon at the leisure centre on a Weds morning, you don't need a partner for that type of dancing. Someone did mention a class in Thetford on a Monday pm, if anyone can throw anymore details to me about this class I would like to hear about it. Please bear in mind I am Blind and will need help with transport, maybe able to do cab if not too expensive a journey. Take care everyone.


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Marion C
Hi annemarie a cab will be about £12 each way if you are in Brandon and you take care have a nice christmas.
Annemarie G
Hi Marion. Thanks for the cab fare rate, I will bear that in mind. Have a Good Christmas all Best Wishes for New Year.
Take care

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