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Skill to share: Bicycle training

Just to let you know that we are happy to offer our skills in Bicycle training and maintenance to help our neighbours out.


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Kate H
This sounds great my son has just got a new road bike and knowing how to maintain it will will be invaluable. If I had only known you existed a couple of weeks ago you could have saved me a fortune! What are the times of your evening sessions please?
Elaine C
I would love some training as I have never ridden on a main road and need the exercise and to save money!
I'm with Piano lessons
Georgina F
Hi,i would love some help helping my daughter try to start riding her bike without stabilisers and to make sure her bike is safe and roadworthy,actually all our bikes need work on.
Many thanks if any of that is possible
Jackie F
Hello, do you help children learn to ride a bike?

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