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help with hedges

I wonder if there is any superhero out there who would be willing to come and trim my privet  hedges for me? Since I had knee replacements I don't feel secure up a ladder as I can't use my knees to balance myself against it - as a result my hedges have got pretty straggly.
I can make meals and cakes, do proofreading, offer gardening advice, do a load of laundry, and possibly other stuff - try me! - in return.


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Gary R
More than happy to have a look.Call on 01603 788816
Carole W
I dont know if you qualify for the Handyman Scheme as there is no indication of your age. If you do its worth enquiring
Mary R
Aww I hope somone assists this lady, please dont charge her. lets get some community back. It amazes me when DIY sos get all the workers out the woodwork for free. ahhh only because they are getting free advertising huh.
I cant help you with gardening cant even do my own. if you need anything else ill get my friend who does all my jobs. shes trustworthy. and very honest. works for ambulance service so had had disclosure.
Kate H
Hi Sally, I've just joined Streetlife so you may be sorted out with Gary by now but if not please give me a shout, I'd be very happy to help if I can.
Pat P
How nice to see so many willing people around to help someone in need. Maybe you should get together to help people. Everything costs these days it is good to free help, or in exchange help being offered. I don't mind being in on a scheme like that, even if it is only friendship!
I joined this site because that is exactly what it was aim for! local free skills/items swap,etc......

I think people advertising their business or charging should be banned within the T&C's as it's seen more and more often and that is unfair.....this site shouldn't be used for that....shame
Lorraine B
I have just recently joined the site and its a great way of becoming part of the local community,my life is pretty hectic with work & grandchildren but i can always fit a few hours in if any one needs any help or just a chat .
I am unable to do any heavy stuff but at a slower pace can do most things ,im c.r.b checked as i'v worked 7yrs for Norse who are based on fifers lane and before that i used to work at Redlands Residential home on Reepham road for 11yrs .
Heather Enid W
P A, I think there is room for both free skills and items and also recommendations for professional ones, including people who run businesses to offer help and ask to be paid for it. After all, if someone offers a service for payment and another offers to do the same job for free, we then have a choice as to which offer to take up. I don't see that as "unfair".

Recently on StreetLife there have been requests for recommendations for:
Someone to do hairdressing for brides;
Best places for Sunday lunch;
Hiring a room;
Renting a room;
Places to hold a wedding reception...
etc etc

Most of those services aren't ones you are going to get for nothing, and If people who offer them are banned from making a bid, I think the community would be the poorer. I think the only stipulation should be that when people mention their own business, or offer a service for which they charge, they should make that clear.

There have been many comments where free advice has been offered by a professional, whose expert knowledge in order to solve someone's problem has been gratefully received. Businesses are just as much a part of the community as everyone else, and most of us know more about our work-subject than other people do.

I think if Streetlife became just a site for people asking for freebies, that would be just as annoying as if it were filled by business adverts. I think it should be used for whatever its participants want to use it for. We can always skim over any entries that don't interest us.
Heather enid W,

Yes, I see your point and I agree I didn't put mine out too well :-)) 

They way I see this site working well is if it would focus on what I thought was aimed for:
- swap stuff for free
- offer/swap free services/advice,etc
- help building local connections

I think it probably started that way until all of a sudden you started seeing individuals, local businesses,etc offering services for ££.....

My personal view is that it wouldn't work....if you are willing to pay for a service why not going straight to the professionals or specialised sites ? 

- If I need, for instance a new bathroom I would go to bathstore, homebase, rackheath warehouse,etc and potentially shop online on ebay and online shops
- If I need someone to install the bathroom,etc I would ask at local shops, friends I know or use specialised websites with proven track/records/feedbacks

The idea of using this site as a one stop shop doesn't sound too promising in my opinion. Yes, recommentations are sort of ok but I believe you would easily end up with people being ripped off, or ending up paying a non-professional about the same amount you would pay for a guaranteed job done by professionals and maybe not done properly.

What I'm particularly concerned about is what could potentially be access to people that might be a bit desperate and/or vulnerable. 

Unfortunately on the other end you've got a series of users/companies that love this and see this as free advertising/easy money and the site owners happy to allow this as it just brings more visits/clicks/etc.

I'm just saying mixing everything together doesn't sound too great to me and I'm not sure if this would be sustainable/successful in the mid-long term. Would it become a sort of advanced gumtree that have a bit of social in it too? Possibly.....Will it work? Dunno, I've got mixed feelings....Maybe, if it evolves as required I guess
Michelle J
As a side note to the debate about businesses advertising on here - in my experience, if businesses are reaching out on here, it is costing them money, as Streetlife charges for any form of advertising, at least that's been my experience personally, so P A, they arent getting free advertising. That might have been the case when Streetlife first started, but it isn't now.

Yes, I can make a page with my business info on and give hints & tips...but engage in a local conversation or start one up related to my business and it costs. If I give info on my business it requires me to pay a set fee to the targeted area that it goes out to.

From my perspective, yes its great to have community and I'm all for sharing skills,reuse etc, Norlets is a great scheme also which I have been part of for local skills swapping, and I'm an advocate for Freegle after bringing Freecycle to Norfolk ages ago. I think with all things online, it does pay to be web savvy and do research, regardless of what the topic is, there are so many good people, and businesses out there, its always the bad apples that make it harder for everyone...I'm rambling,sorry!
Sally S
Thanks so much for your offers of help - a friend and member of streetlife contacted me directly and cut half of the hedge area today - bless you Jo!

I don't qualify for the Broadland handyman scheme because I'm not in Broadland, and, I hope, because I'm not old enough, but it's good to have that mentioned on here for those who do and are. Thank you Carole.

If I don't contact you soon, Gary, Mary and Kate, may I in a few months when they need cutting again?
Michelle J, Hi and thanks for your comment

I was aware about freecycle, used it for a little while but then switched it off as in my opinion it was mainly a site where people could put in all sort of stuff that are usually good for the tip...having said that in a couple of situations I found it handy so that might work!

I don't know the other one and will take a look.

Also, good to know a bit more on how things are working here, I obviously based my comment on what I saw and clearly the businesses would know better.

Sally S I'm very happy to hear you managed to find someone that helped you out and thanks to Jo then!!
Mary R
Glad you got your hedge sorted Sally S. hope you feel better soon.
Heather Enid W
P A, thanks for your kind comment and acknowledgement.

I'm glad to see that Sally got some work done on the hedges and that people are helping one another through the use of StreetLife.

I do think that it's nice, if we get good service from a local tradesperson, to be able to put up a recommendation. Some professionals are better than others, I'm sure we'll agree, and by drawing attention to the ones who 'go the extra mile', we may help them to get more trade, our fellow customers to get a better service, and maybe for the not-so-good ones to realize where they can improve!

The old FreeCycle has now given way to Freegle, and although there are the odd items that are really past their best, it's amazing what good things people will give away for nothing ... there again, it's amazing to see what good stuff gets thrown into skips, which is very sad.

On Freegle we now have to categorize our give-aways by condition. I've both given and received a lot of items on there, and there is facility to both offer and request items. The new link is

There is also CheapCycle for if you want to charge for your items, or if you need something and are willing to pay a (usually modest) price for it. There are separate ones for the county and for the City:

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