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Yet another charity shop?

Sharon S in Felixstowe
Not sure if I'm correct, however on walking through Felixstowe Town centre it appears that yet another charity shop is opening up next to Greggs (where Select used to be)  Can't be sure as there are no signs up or anything yet, but it did appear to be filled with old furniture and rails of old clothes........  I had hoped such a large store in the high street would have been snapped up by something a bit more useful & interesting  than yet another secondhand store.
I have nothing against charity shops in general however Felixstowe does appear to have become over-run with them!  We're losing our shops and getting them replaced with either Charity shops or Coffee Bars.
Those who think a new Tesco development will kill the town need to see that its already happened and Tesco's hasn't even been built yet!

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