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Parking space to let

I have an a parking space at my flat i dont use and would like to let, 30.00 a mth but negotiable in the mousehold area, 20 25 mins walk to city centre,.if interested tell me on here or message me and ill give you details,


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You could park on Mousehold Heath at the pavilion or the barracks free of charge. Thats only 20-25 minutes into the city.
June M
Thank you John for trying to prevent me raising extra  income by letting my parking space. i am a very fit and active pensioner who has tried to get a job but had no success so thought i would try this,.  My spac e is secure and i dont know about anyone else but i certainly wouldnt want to go wandering round mousehold heath in dark to find a car or leave one there all day. Too many people in Norwich park on pavements, which involves people with pushchairs,  electric wheelchairs , mobility scooters etc having to get off and go in road, making is dangerous for them. It most cities letting parking spaces is very common, why not Norwich. Why do people in east anglia expect everything for free.
Hi,June M,you could host language students,there are several language schools in norwich with regular students available,English Experience and Flying Classrooms-tombland,just a short walk away from each other.This will keep you busy and give you extra income.
June M
Thank you Amanda, but i live in a one bedroom flat so be a a bit difficult.  I have a friend who does do that so i know about it, no sure even if i had the space id really want to do it though, as a only child im not too keen on sharing my space,but thanks for suggestion.
No problem,have you thought about being a virtual secretary,you just need internet and phone access,money magpie is a good website to get some money making ideas,goodluck.
June M
Thanks Amanda ill have a look. certainly a bit more would come i handy, i pay tax anyway cause of my company pension so that isnt a problem. Do dogsit for my friend so dont really want a fulltime job, but thats free of charge, shes a close friend so wouldnt want payment, she buys me pressies and is so grateful, thats enough. Thanks again.
Heather Enid W
Someone nearby to me rents out her space, but I think she was charging about £20 per week three or four years ago. Then again it's only ten minutes' walk to the City from hers.
June M
i had on one of these online park my house sites and couple from yarmouth area tried it rather than public transport but they have gone back to public transport for winter.kept it less than car parking in city. down by railway station its 4.00 a day and my friend used to park on Talk, that was 2.50 day. i think.

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