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Why is it so clicky over allotments? Any one got any views.
I love my allotment, grew some lovely fruit and veg last year even though the weather was against us a lot of the time, it is very hard work but I get plenty of fresh air and exercise and my reward is fresh veg.


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Dee S
well done Linda, nothing tastes as good as fresh veg that you grow yourself, my grandma used to grow her own fruit and bottle it for the winter, I can remember standing & watching her.
Anne D
I would love to have an allotment but don't know much about growing fruit & vegetables, is there any shared plots where I could learn?
Just get down there and ask fellow gardeners. They'll be happy to advise and demonstrate.
Pam D
You could get involved in our community garden on Thames View.  It didn't get up and running properly last year because funding messed us about but we have 12 raised beds for growing veg.

Some are taken but the rest are there to be used and possibly shared.  Hopefully when the weather brightens up a bit we'll start back over there.
Anne D
I would like to do that Pam, can you let me know when you are starting up again & thank you for your suggestion.
Pam D
If you privately let me have your phone number and e.mail address I'll keep you posted.

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