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1953 Flood

On January 31 it's the 60 year anniversary of the great flood of 1953.
Does anyone remember it? Or have your parents or grandparents spoken about their memories and how it affected them?


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Barry ⚒
I don't really remember much about the floods as I was only 10 at the time but I do know that my dads sister my auntie May and her family were flooded out on Canvey Island and had to be rescued from the loft. At that time like most people we did not have a TV so we only knew what we heard on the radio or saw in the newspapers.
Steve K inactive
There were no floods in this part of Essex around upminster.
Maria W
Creekmouth Village was badly flooded. The water was 3-4ft inside the houses and people were stranded upstairs until it receded & were then able to evacuate to relatives & friends. Then started the clean up of the awful, black, stinking silt & mud. Luckily no-one was injured but a baby was born in the village that night. Unfortunately, the houses never properly dried out after the flood and, as Thames View was being built at the time, everyone was eventually moved out to the new houses.
I believe there was quite bad flooding at Rainham, too.
The Creekmouth Preservation Society are hoping to hold a small memorial service on 2nd February so I'll post more when we have confirmation of the venue.

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