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Park Radio Update

Chris M in Brewers Green
Hi All,
As some of you will be aware, I have up to now been the voice of Park Radio on I love working in radio and am a great believer in the new breed of Community Radio stations that are launching, of which Park aspires to be one.

At 3am this Sunday morning, I received an e-mail, out of the blue, telling me my services were no longer required. It gave no explanation as to why, and my attempts to try and garner one have failed. Unfortunately as Park is not an employer, currently, I have no recourse for this, and I am devastated having put in a lot of hours and work into the station and genuinely having no idea why I would be treated this way.

I do not feel it would be professional to comment further, and I leave you to make your own judgements about this type of behaviour.

However, I wanted to let you know that any future queries about Park should be directed to their e-mail address, and to wish the remaining presenters good luck with their shows.

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