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Are you fed up with the snow yet

Just a bit of fun
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Tonia R inactive
I absolutely love it, plus it hides a multitude of sins. I still have fond memories of ditching my skates and bike and using a bit of lino on a string as a sleigh.
Charles P
No i love it.
This is how it should be at this time of the year and season.
I know weather pattens have changed over the years and you never no what you are going to get now and things are getting more severe.
Anyway this will kill of the bugs and germs and its time for a walk along the cliffs and beach again.
June H
Just seen the stupidest thing ever. A boy on a sledge holding on to a rope being towed behind a car. If the car has to stop suddenly, I wonder if the sledge has brakes? I doubt it.
Maureen B
I like to see the snow and watch the children having fun in it.
Where we used to live in Hertfordshire there were hills to climb to get to and from our house to the town,so walking in the snow there was a no no for me as I don;t like falling over LOLThe bus to where we used to live couldn't make it up the hill either.
Here in Gorleston is flatter so getting to the shops and back is ok,even though it takes a bit longer as I walk slow to make sure I stay upright.
Our dogs love the snow.
Nice to finally get some snow! Yay! :D I wanted it to snow on my birthday too but I think it was too warm/salty for most of December to let it happen... maybe next year!
Philip D
It's here, so let's make the most of it
David B
Snow is lovely.........on christmas cards
Fill up your bird feeders the poor birds are going to need it to survive.
Charles P
Yes i have been in the garden feeding the birds they need some extra help sometimes.
John F
Had a lovely suprise this morning 8 fieldfaire`s eating the last of the berries outside the window then this afternoon a male sparowhawk sitting in the tree.Also dont forget fresh water.
David B
YES IT IS LOVELY to watch the birds chomping away at the bits and bobs i put out but my favourites are the squirrels they are so amusing to watch.they luv monkey nuts, mind you, so do the blue tits and the magpies.i feed them all the year round so at this time of year they are queing up for food.haha just pictured all the birds squirrels etc queing up for sense of humour does seem to run away with me sometimes.i do hope we don't get any more snow though it IS lovely for children but also dangerous for oldies like me.just got to say to whoever knocked over the snowman near where i live on the estate yesterday shame on was lovely seeing familys getting together to build it & a good job they made of it too. then later on it was crushed.(was not in anybody's way)
I've just been to Corton Woods and it was lovely there as usual. So many different birds and squirrels and RATS! It's nice that people put food on the bird tables. I saw a lovely bird that was orange all over it's front and black wings with a stripe of white on them. It was bigger than a sparrow but smaller than a starling. Can someone tell me what it was please so I can look it up! Thanks.
Yes David it was nice to see Families out playing and off the games consoles. My Son excluded!
John F
Hi jo it sounds like you have just seen a lovely male bullfinch lucky you, at the moment i have a male fieldfare sitting eating cotoneaster berries 3 feet away from my lounge window its been there since midday.
David B
ok can you tell me what this bird is what hit my waindow a couple of hours ago.sounds horrible but i have an imprint of something large on my window.think the imprint is a sparrowhawk??just a guess.but would like to know what the bird was.i did save it & after a while it flew hopefully to safety.please see attachment of the photo which i took.
Thanks John. I just visited and you were right. It's a lovely looking bird and he really stood out in the pure white snow. Thanks again.

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