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missing dog

i lost my dog yesterday afternoon from hunters hall road, near dagenham east.
he is a small dog looks like a chuiwawa. he is tan in color has a docked tail, he is six years old,
please if anyone sees him or hears anything.
please contact me.


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Let me know if you need any help its heart breaking losing a dog.My granddaughter wants a chuiwawa  and they have a cross jack russel chiwawa in Hornchurch rescue centre he is lovely.
Lynne T
Hi Lesley W,  so sorry to hear about your lost dog. Wish you lots of luck finding him soon.
Dee S
I sincerely hope you find your dog.
Dee S
Lesley have you found your dog ?is the dog microchipped ? have you asked can you put up a notice in all local vets and PDSA, I expect you already have so apologies, also if you Google - missing dog- there are lots of different ideas there.
If the police find a dog now they take it to nearest kennels who will take it in, but after 7 days the dog is legally theirs and you will have to buy it back or they can sell it.No longer are they looked after in the police station by the friendly sargeant.
Jill B
Have you tried phoning the Council offices - do B&D have a dog-handling department?
Lesley W
still missing! call most places can think of. thank you all x
My friends dog was missing two days it had dug into a rabbit hole and had to dig itself out.Jack russell it is.
So sorry you have lost your dog Lesley, it is heartbreaking for you not knowing where he is.  Have you registered and put your dog's details on DogLost?  They have a good record of reuniting dogs with their owners.  This is the link to the website for you to regsiter:  Hope you find him soon.

I will keep an eye out for him. Good luck. x
Barbara N
have shared details to all my facebook friends so they can keep eye out. Know how you feel, lost my yorkie once

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