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Charity Launch: Thanet Creative Writers

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17 Elham Close, Margate, Kent, CT9 3RQ
Matthew Brown
in Margate
Thanet Creative Writers are very excited to be transitioning into a charitable association. The meeting will be as short as possible so we can get on to important things like tea drinking and making plans.

More information can be found on Facebook.

We've been here since 2013 and now it is time to transition from informal group to charity. We hope this will enable us to expand what the group can offer local writers.

This is not a regular Thanet Creative Writers tea and chat evening. There will be tea.

The agenda (about the only time there will be one) is to launch a new charity which will take care of administration for the group as well as generally doing things to make life better for writers in Thanet. The whole thing should take about an hour or so.


1. Welcome

2. Really brief introduction to the charity from Matt

3. Motion to adopt the constitution

4. Appointment of Trustees

5. Give ourselves a round of applause for a job well done

6. Drink tea (AOB)

About the charity

The charity will be a membership-based unincorporated charitable organisation. Everything we do, everyone who is appointed to run things, all that, can be voted on by the members.

Membership is optional and the charity will not be discussed at regular writer's gatherings (because that's not what those evenings are for).

Anyone who wishes to come can come and will be a founding member. Founding members will get to sign the constitution which makes the charity exist (by basically agreeing it is a good idea).

There are Trustee and Officer roles open for people that are interested in being part of a charity. You'd be committing to meeting once a month for a few hours (although trustees might only have to show up as little as every 6 months if time is tight).

If you can make it and you care about helping local writers to succeed, then please show up.