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Lost puppy

Lost in the Grove Road area (NR1) on Monday 19th November at 09:45.

If anyone has any information please contact:

01603 611736
07884 328679


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Sandra H
Oh poor you and poor pup! I hope you find her soon!
That's awful, hope you find the poor little thing, it may be hiding somewhere very frightened hope someone finds it very soon.
hi I'm sorry you have lost your gorgeous puppy. please could you register on they are amazing and have a very large network of supporters all searching for missing dogs. i hope you find her very soon x
Piers G-B
Thank you all for you kind words! To clarify, the puppy is not mine but belongs to someone in my neighbourhood. I've lent a hand posting to social media!

Will check out . That sounds like a great idea, thank you!

Fingers crossed she is found safe and sound. Will let you know of any developments!
Tracey G
good luck keep us posted
Naomi D
sorry have not seen your puppy but whilst out and about I saw a poster on wroxham road about another missing dog . this one is a small jack russel that answers to the name of Tom lost in sprowston . so now I will be looking out for 2 dogs hope someone finds them both safe and well soon.
Linda B
What sort is it?  There was a young Tan coloured dog running loose near Earlham Cemetery on Saturday  I was on the bus and a van driver tried ti catch it but it ran off and I couldn't see which way it went, poor thing looked very scared and was close to ring road
Sandra H
Re-lost dog in Sprowston. I have only just come back to this post! Last Thurs am there was a jack r type dog -male, friendly long wire-haired running around the field on barkers lane -it followed my friend and I for a while but would not let us look at its collar otherwise we would have contacted the owner (no one appeared to be looking for it). it then started to follow someone else and we did not see it this again.

And this am I was told of a slightly larger dog mostly tan coloured with some white trotting by itself through the fields down church lane again no owner.

Hopefully these lost friends will have found their way home now!
Naomi D
thankyou I will go back and look at the poster and pass on the details of sightings
Piers G-B
Thank you for posting up your sightings! I'm sure they all hope. Please do pass on information to the contact details I mentioned at the beginning and in the picture. Fingers crossed they'll be re-united.

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