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Seeking personal memories of the Berlin Airlift, 1948-49

Legasee Educational Trust in Legasee Educational Trust

Hello Street Lifers,

Next year is the 65th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift which became known as the first battle of the Cold War.   East Anglia was home to many of the RAF & Civilian squadrons that played a vital role in its success. It was, and still remains, the world’s largest humanitarian airlift to date.  The personal accounts and memories of those British veterans and civilians involved are scattered far and wide. 

With the help of the Heritage Lottery and our volunteers, Legasee Educational Trust is now recording the memories of survivors of this important chapter in modern British History. 

We would welcome hearing from anyone who has memories of what happened on the airbases of East Anglia during this period.  There were eight bases used for maintenance and servicing of the aircraft used in the Berlin Airlift: RAFs Honington, Waterbeach, Oakington, Bassingbourn, Sculthorpe, North Luffenham, Mildenhall, Lakenheath.

It’s so valuable to fill in the missing day to day details of those contributors to the Berlin Airlift going about their daily life on the bases during the time of the airlift.

We very much hope to hear from anyone who can tell us what happened on these bases back in the late 1940s. 

Please contact Juliana Vandegrift on

Juliana Vandegrift 

Oral History Project Manager

Legasee Educational Trust

 (Registered charity No. 1145354)


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