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Ipswich Xmas tree

Here you can see the tree,I'm not very good and can't find out how to show upright.i can do with lap top but not this my i pad. I did not like the tree at all,but it does match all other street decorations.when I came out of debenhams lights on I still didn't like it.i stood and looked and can't find words to describe just different.


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Tim S inactive
Couldn't find you pic so posted this video instead!
Emma E inactive
Watch your video on Xmas tree must admit looked nice all lit up
Steve - SP Boiler Services
Still think it's a load of balls. Not really what I would like my tots to have at home. But that's just me, proper tree for me be it real or artificial.
Elizabeth A
I am going to take my grandson to see it to morrow, we will see what he thinks, he is 7yrs old .
Marc T inactive
I have to say, I think it's a brave move. by Ipswich.  Like it or loathe it, you surely can't ignore it.  
I think the idea of a stylised tree is great - let's be honest - most of us have slightly less stylised versions in our own homes - plastic cones are NOT true representations of pine trees, are they?
Tom C inactive
Love the tree in Ipswich ,nice and sharp and sparkly! Good on yer! Happy Christmas ! Every one !!

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