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Do something German today: Clear the footpath outside your house and/or business property, so that the elderly and mums with pushchairs can get out! It would be a kind and considerate thing to to. :)


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If everybody cleared their own little piece of footpath outside the front of their property, it would be much safer for people to walk.

Why have things changed so much, years ago people always cleared their little bit and it worked, far too many lazy people about nowadays I fear.....
Karen T
Think its something to do with being Liable Debs...its even come down to that now..if you clear the snow and someone slips you can be done for it ...well that was what i leave well alone ..just do my own garden path..i know what you mean , it would help things along....there is so many rules and regs now , even in my the time ive done risk assessments for each job i do , which could be 5+, not alot of time for the work have to be just so ..goes on and on ...nevermind hopefully i can get back to work soon ...once the snow start melting ....

Becky O inactive
It's actually untrue that legal action can be taken against you if somebody slips on the path outside your home - but it's the sort of common myth that papers like The Daily Mail love to promote. You can not be sued for this. I think when it comes to things like this, you need to use a little common sense snd humanity, and not spend your time living in fear of legal action - I doubt it would cross many people's minds to try and file a lawsuit if they slipped over in a residential street. So do your bit and help your community out!
David E
I thought of invading Stalingrad today......... but I'm stuck in the snow.
Heather M
good idea to clear the snow but if I was to do that I would probably end up with a bad back or fall myself. I have been housebound since the snow started as my car does not like the ice and my short trips to the local shop have been quite scary. I have been fascinated by watching others though- numerous cars attempted and failed to negotiate the hill outside my house, young people walking quickly in trainers, dads pulling the sleds loaded with children, and yesterday I saw someone walking along carrying her baby in a sling- I suppose she would fall backwards rather than forwards if she slipped but the consequences could be disastrous. However, the snow has given me no excuse for cleaning and I even cleaned the windows yesterday!
Kathy B
You know I hadn't even thought of clearing the snow from 'my' stretch of pavement!  Was getting resentful that the council hadn't bothered to clear the rotting leaves from the autumn but plan to be a bit more 'German' and clear up both now.  The pavement around my house is very wide but  will clear a decent path through it.   Even if the snow melts soon the leaves will at least be gone too.
Matthew G
Technically you can be sued (since technically anyone can sue you about anything, anytime!) however as far as I am aware there has never been a successful lawsuit against a homeowner following clearing of snow on the pavement, ever.
I google about it before clearing the snow from the steps at our flat. As long as you make a good job of it and return the path to a safe state you are very unlikely to be sued. I removed the snow. Broke up the ice and removed that the salted the steps to they were fine.
Karen T
Have read your comments , myself deal with the general public workwise every day ...its hard enough doing my job without having people moaning and groaning because we are digging up outside there house etc...i get it day in , day out ...people thinking thay own council grass verges carnt dig there !!! so on and so on.....But forget WHO puts them back on the phone !...So regarding clearing snow, will only do my own property within , that way stay legal ....
Bruce B
Some areas have only a narrow path on a narrow road. If everyone cleared their paths in such an area where would they put the snow? Not on the road as cars could not get down the road nor park. Or one's garden? Negative thought I know.
Sandra H
Or you could do what the council snow clearers have done on a housing estate in sprowston-plough it off the paths and pile it along the edge of the roads blocking every body's drives! Cheers lads :)
I know Sandra, we did laugh about it, but luckily are cars drove over it .......
Sandra H
Our cul de sac was ok -it was the t-junction that needed sorting now its horrible!
Doreen P
I thought clearing the snow from outside the property line was a good thing.
and if a pedestrian slipped over,it wouldn,t be on your property,so they couldn,t sue you.
Bruce B
Doreen. Any one can sue any one in a small claims court if they *felt/thought* the other party's actions effected them adversely. Whether they are successful or not is another question.
Chris W
its very vexxing. clearing snow. ggggrrrrr. i vowed not to do it this year.  let some other b.. do it.  however i seem to be the only able bodied person in the whole of south norwich.  so...muggins did it again this year.  gggrrr.  no resentment there then!
Hazel D
I started another conversation about clearing pavements before I saw this one.  But for what it's worth here is a link to Met Office/ Government advice on clearing snow - and it also says "people walking on snow and ice have a responsibility to be careful" and "it's unlikely you'll be sued ..... if you have cleared the path carefully"
Francesca S
I cleaned my bit of pavement, and the one of the old and a bit frail neigbours a few times in the last week, I like doing it and where I lived before you could be fined if you did not clear.
But I must say I felt a bit stupid, as in the rest of the road there where about 4 other well meaning people who cleared, so the pavements are skating rinks. As the road has not been gritted or cleared at all there is no place to walk or cycle safely a part for a few "black strips" of clean pavement.
But I will continue doing it, it is good exercise, and  I'm young(ish) .

PS: I put the snow in my garden and on the grass strip in front of the pavement, by the way. You can also just accumulate it in a corner and build a snow man (or get the kids, if available, to do so). Be creative, and don't try to find any possible  excuse to be lazy.
Karen T
Hopefully everyone after tonights snowfall and rain over the weekend , will do away with it once and for all ....well for a little while every days tasks 10 times worse even in my job outside worker ...night all ..
Doreen P
Thanks Bruce,i should have remembered we live in a blame everything society.
Di B
I've also heard the bit about if you clear the path and someone slips they can sue, but does this work the other way - if you leave the pavement uncleared (i.e. unsafe and slippery) and someone slips....but I totally agree with Debs - if we all do a little bit, it makes life so much better for everyone, including ourselves.  We cleared our path and the pavement outside - the pavement further down the road has been sheet ice.
Shirley O
As an elderly pedestrian I prefer you not to clear snow, so much safer to walk on than the 'frozen over again '

bits you all cleared, but left damp. two sides to every argument, cheers!
Hazel D
Yes, Shirley O, I do understand what you say.  
It's not enough just to shovel snow/ice away, there should also be salt and/or grit put down to ensure the cleared area doesn't ice up again.
Sas G
I cleared my paths! then i put a heavy layer of salt down & it worked!!
Shirley O
Thank you Hazel D and Sas G, people neither have the grit/salt nor would we want to have it left  all over the footpaths when snow has gone. It truly is a 'don't know what to do for the best' situation. So we will all carry on as before and take extra care when out

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