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Walter Purkis, Crouch End

I've just been into this wonderful local fishmongers to buy some of their home-smoked salmon, to be told that they aren't currently allowed to use their smokehouse. A neighbour, who apparently has built his office next to Purkis' chimney, has complained, and the council has stopped the smoking.

The smokehouse has been in use for over 100 years, and produces superb smoked haddock and salmon. It was very sad to see one of the counters empty apart from packets of machine-smoked salmon.

This is covered in the current Ham and High (see

For the history of Purkis see

Do other people feel as outraged as me? Any thoughts on what we can do to show our support for Purkis?


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Jacki R
At Cllr David Winskill's suggestion, I've emailed Cllr Nilgun Canver (
Don H
They did not tell me why they had no smoked haddock when I tried to buy some recently. I have been eating this excellent product for many years and hope it can soon be made available again.
Jacki R
Success - response from Cllr Cnaver:

 I’ve been looking into this case personally this week. I’m pleased to say it should now be resolved. Mr Purkis has been allowed to re-open the smokehouse and the council will be supporting him to upgrade his smokehouse equipment. This should hopefully lead to a positive outcome for both close residents and Mr Purkis (and, of course, his customers).
The below quote has been issued to the press today.
Cllr Canver, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We recognise the unique nature of this family business and its importance to the local community, and we are really keen to help find a solution in the best interests of everyone involved.
“We have been working closely with Mr Purkis to help him find a way to reopen the smokehouse while also reducing the impact on neighbours. It has now been agreed that Mr Purkis will reopen the smokehouse and we will support Mr Purkis over the coming months to help him upgrade the smokehouse equipment.”

Cllr Nilgun Canver
Cabinet Member for the Environment
Edith and Karl E
great news!!!
One of the reasons we wanted to stay in the area was actually Purkis, the fishmonger. It is such a great shop - we buy from them nearly every week at least once.
Richard B
Quite outrageous. The man should be obliged to insulate his office and install an air purifier if he is not content. He knew where he was installing his office. Just seen that the issue resolved but the chap in the office should have been obliged to take acton too, he knew what hen was doing with his office.
ralph w
The man and his office should be asked to move!
Dorothy B
This is wonderful news. - The man in the office sounds like the couple who complained about the noise of bells when they moved next door to a village church.
Don H
The man in the office should try a bit of smoked haddock. Where do Dunns bake their lovely bread? They might be next.
Grace S
That explains why at christmas time they were out of smoke salmon for some days. I love to buy local, and I buy fish at least once a week, and all the staff know me. I will be happy when it is resolved.
Jacki R
Fortunately it is resolved. See the note from Cllr Canver, above.
Grace S
Thanks jacki, your input is much appreciated .
Juilette W
Oh my Cod!! Thank goodness all turned out for the best.
The man in the office sounded a bit fishy to me!!

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