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Purse stolen from car

Just to warn people. I was parked at The Crescent in Littleham on Wednesday this week (7th Nov) at 10am and had my purse stolen from the front passenger seat of my car. It was my own stupid fault for leaving the car unlocked but I was only dropping my son off at my friends for the day and was inside the house for no more than 5 minutes. Please don't do the same as me. Hoping like my partner said person who took it will take the money (no more than £20) and dispose of purse and other contents in a nearby hedge and someone will find. I have reported to the police.


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Bill T inactive
shouldnt leave anything on the seats and definately not left unlocked
Well, we All make mistakes @ times Bill. It seems to be the sign of the times where you cannot trust anyone which i find rather sad that it has come to this. Not like in years gone by people would not even lock their doors, if you even thought of doing that now your home would soon be empty!! What a society we have become.
I know how much important  "stuff" we keep in our purses - so much more than money. I hope it turns up for you
Brigitte G
Who ever stool the purse will do it again if the opportunity arises, so perhaps we could set up a 'trap' car, and catch the 'low-life' in action?

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