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Cinnamon Trust - free exercise and the feel-good factor!

Hi everyone,

I'm a volunteer with the Cinnamon Trust, a charity for the elderly, helping them with their pets if they find it difficult to get out and walk the dog or look after their cat.  I thought this would be a good place to try and find some extra helpers!

If you have a little bit of spare time and would like to walk a (very grateful) owner's dog, maybe foster a pet or take a pet to the vet for someone, please get in touch with Cinnamon Trust, their website is  They will check out your references and once accepted you are covered by their insurance.  You can do any combination of volunteering - dog-walker, short or long-term foster, driver, whatever fits your lifestyle!

I'm really enjoying it because I like dogs but can't have one in my rented property, and also I don't have the time to have a dog of my own.

Hope to meet some fellow Cinnamon helpers when I'm out with 'my' little dog!


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Dannielle M
lol i love it... wish i could and when hopefully if i get a job quite soon and settled i may want to help well be able to help out! i love dogs! got a whole qualifications an what not lol hope you get some minyins lol bye! :)

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