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Road Safety

Tony K in Beccles
As a Pedestrian I find the increasing number of vehicles using the pavement as a form of off road parking quite frightening. Have contacted the mp for the area, Peter Aldous. totally indifferent. All he had to say was that parking on the pavement was not illegal, the local police were also indifferent. I thought that maybe my Wife and I were on our own but today in the Eastern Daily Paper I see the the Pupils of three schools in the area have sent ideas to Peter Aldous MP that would make their journey to school better and guess what banning pavement parking is one of the ideas. It seems the MP and the police are out of touch with the School Pupils and Pedestrians. Why should Pedestrians be put in danger by anti socially parked vehicles? We are the most vulnerable of road users and the MP and police should be speaking out in favour of road safety.

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