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All Change

The Blue Ball has been sold, new owners from overseas.........well the Isle of Wight.  Taking over 1st December.

Grazier? new name of Brophy's.


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Pining Lass
I don't know where you get all this info from! I never hear anything interesting :-(
Robin F inactive
Good news about the Blue Ball, here's hoping things get better, I just hope they can handle some of the rude staff there if they remain.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
They are keeping the existing staff on.....
Robin F inactive
Oh dear, there are some lovely staff there, but then there are others that have recently been extremely rude to me and to other customers. Check out Trip Advisor.
Never had a problem at the Blue Ball. Food and staff always good :) Eaten lots at the Half Way Inn. Food always great but on the evening we went staff could have been a little more attentive.

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