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Haven Bridge repairs and traffic.

while I understand that the Haven bridge has to be repaired, I \m totally fed up with the way the traffic is going. I, like many others have to cross from the corner of the Pizza place to Matalans side. However, most of the drivers just ignore the green sign for pedestians to cross and do not stop when it says red for them. Yesterday, i shouted at a bus driver that it was green and got words back. Does anyone feel how dangerous this situation is becoming especially if a young or elderly person just crosses when they see the green sign. I am now getting where I dread crossing incase I get run over. Is there anything that can be done to stop this going on and does anyone else experience the same crossing. Most drivers seem to me to think they have total rights to the road.


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Most drivers don't seem to understand the box markings on the roads either... They all line up across it, defeating the point of it. It's because they line up like that they think they have all rights to go past the crossing, regardless of the colour of the traffic lights.

Happens everywhere though. I think the mentality will be "there's no harm if I just hurry past".
Ann C
Although I realisd what you are saying, this has become dreadful since they started work on the Haven bridge a couple of weeks ago. Something should be done to try and stop it. Whats the point in having a green cross code if drivers are not going to obey this and sometimes pedestrians as well. I have to go to work most days and it is starting to scare me as to whether I can judge the traffic or get across safely. I really dont know who one should complain too.
I'm not sure who to complain to exactly but it maybe a good idea to get in contact with the company doing the works, and possibly Norfolk County Council because they deal with our roads... Last time there was something going on the bridge, the shut the road.It would better if they did that again to minimise the risk of a road accident more than the current arrangement.

On a related note, I recommend using the crossing near Lidl because it's safer and often less busy, but I can see why even considering a detour on foot would be frustrating.
Penny L
I agree with you all, while the road works have been going on drivers have been behaving badly. It seems their priority is to get to where they are going regardless of other cars or pedestrians, and I am a driver!

I think any complaints should go to Norfolk County Council and the police, although we all know that they must be aware of the chaos, because we see police cars on the road, and there is going to be a manager/supervisor on site too.

But it would be good if people let them know their views.
Ann C
Thank you for your comments. I myself have seen the police there helping a moterist. Their car must have broken down. I was going to say something but had to concentrate on crossing the road when the work first started.
I personally think its a waste of time with the council and the police. The only time they do anything is if someone has an accident. Maybe I will take the trip and cross near Lidis
I think not enough people speak up, that's why the council/police don't act sooner, plus things take time. Sometimes you can't tell there's a problem, for example, it was fine at 8.20am this morning. It's peak times particularly when it gets bad, such as rush hour after work finishes.
Chris H inactive
Maybe it would be easier and cheaper just to build a new bridge instead of constantly working on this one.
A genuinely good idea, though I wonder if it's listed, protecting it from demolition... I know there's a plaque near it, isn't there?

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