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I was walking up my road back home at 11:30 PM when the street lights momentarily went dim and immediately car alarms were set off.  I thought it was only a local car alarm, but as soon as it was turned off, I heard dozens of other alarms going in the distance, all over town.  I thought perhaps a power transformer had blown up causing an electrical surge but immediately dismissed that as an option owing to the wide spread coverage of the sounding alarms, which to my mind leaves only one other option:  an electro-magnetic pulse.  Lightning can cause such a pulse but there wasn't any, nor did I hear thunder.  I leave you to draw your own conclusions.


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Jim N
Could the car alarms have been house alarms?  I noticed it too and thought it was a brief powercut but nothing needed resetting so it probably was just a voltage drop which would have set off some house alarms.
Dave W
Same here, on St Johns Way, everything flicked off for a split second.
Terry D
I'm in Brandon and the house lights flickered about that time. I'd just watched the horror film "Jeepers Creepers" so I assumed it was only an alien messing about. lol
Mike L
If there was a voltage spike/drop sufficient to affect Thetford and Brandon it would be interesting to know how much further its affect was observed.  If that be the case, then perhaps the national grid picked up an electro-magnetic pulse sufficient to set off both house and car alarms.
Roger K
Ice or snow build up, - flash-over on an insulator on the high voltage transmission system, one phase drops out for a moment, other two short "back feed" - transitory "Brown Out" - problem solved.

If it was an induced pulse from a solar event the effect would have caused a black out rather than a brown out and as would an EMP have been very much more widsespread.

Mick A inactive
Odd really, as one alarm lock went off needing reset and the other one was ok? Same happened during the night too as it was flashing agin this morning
Dave W
My neighbour says her alarm needed resetting three times during the evening
Terry D
My cooker clock started beeping but that was in the early evening.
Mike L
I was reading in bed  and the light momentarily dimmed again at 12:42 so its no wonder Mick's clock was flashing again.  No telling how many more times it happened during the night
Mike L
That should have been 00:42 but I think you knew that
Dave W
One of my TV's needed retuning, it was okay Friday ?...... Are we getting a bit paranoic chaps ??!!
Mike L
I must confess to being more aware of such events as I'm currently reading "The Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion"  by P.A LaViolette Phd. which covers it in depth.  This isn't sudo-physics but a reality kept under very tight government wraps, and not taught in schools as mainstream physics.  I won't say any more about it on this site, as I have been reprimanded by our monitors before for daring to make comment on subjects which are not local.
Terry B
Mike L
            I will have some of that what you are drinking mike.
Mike L
You can have a good stiff one on me.  All I will say is convention physics does not explain the phenomena 
witnessed by many.
So, do you think SCC could have been experimenting with anti gravity propulsion as a way of shifting the snow? I guess that could work out more more efficient than gritters - so long as not too many cars were vapourised in the process!
Roger K
No need for "conventional" pysics (whatever THAT is)  simply the fact that a dirty insulator dealing with a VERY high voltage as is to be found on the National Grid when coated in ice or snow WILL flashover and protective devices will absorb MOST of the results.
Terry D
No. It was Stephen Hawking with a black hole trying to suck the snow up.
Mike L
I don't dispute the dirty high voltage insulator, but it would not explain car alarms going off all over the place.
Mike L
My only reason for throwing electro-gravitics  into the comment  was a remote relevance to an EM pulse wave originating from a high altitude B-2 bomber which rumour has, is reliant on such technology.   AWACS has been using a technology for years which can disable communications and power distribution networks from a great height.  I'm not implying any direct intention as such, but only suggesting the possibility of some spurious EM wave's possible origin in an attempt to explain car alarms being set off in quantity--- if that is what I heard during the very brief brown out.
Matthew G
Happy to let everyone judge that for themselves Mike.
Mr Fruitgum
It's Area 51 all over again - no I won't talk about it !!
I was asleep on my sofa at that time when the answer phone voice woke me on the land line telephone saying calls would go to answer phone after 6 rings. I went up to bed then heard the house/car alarms breifly ringing. when I got into bed my radio alarm clock went off. All very spooky.

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