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Who's the git who lets off fireworks every Saturday night in the Rosehill area?


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Paul M
i think time has come for fireworks not to be sold to general public and ban them all together
Teresa P
Totally agree with you Paul M,  Nov 5th was weeks ago, but we still have them being let off especially at the weekends, WHY?  What is the point?
Now New Years Eve seem to be just as noisy with fireworks, last New Year we heard them going off at 2 AM ?  I could thing of better things to spend my money on.
James M
I had a theory that it was the Fireworks shops themselves, trying to make people think that 'fireworks are for all year' by randomly setting them off at odd times.  Fireworks night itself was quite muted this year for a change, at least the recession is good for ONE thing :)
Holly P
Fireworks are a right pain unless in a properly supervised event like at Christchurch Park, where they are contained in one area and at one event. Fireworks are dangerous unless handled by professional people, some pets/animals and children are scared of them. If you know when and where they are going to be you can expect them and that goes in your advantage in trying to help scared children for example ie they can be avoided hopefully.
James M
I'm not anti-fireworks as such, but the person who keeps letting them off on a Saturday night seems to choose to do it after 11 at night.  I'm sure their party is fantastic but other people might be in bed.  There should be a 9pm curfew on fireworks.
Stuart G
fireworks that make a noise sould only be used November 5 th and new years eve because they scare our pets and frighten people  .
Peter L
It's the Culture of our new migrants from Asian countries, the firework shops are run by them to satiate the need to demonstrate the success our Neighbours have had in our Country.
James M
Not sure that comment is very helpful Peter. 

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