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Video: Building starts on new Grove Medical Centre

Central Surgery's Hamilton Rd site is getting a new chemist, and building has started at their new Grove Medical Centre site . .


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Richard L
Yes and what a shame. Countryside almost the last piece will be spoilt or ever.
Cars racing up and down the only entrance to the Grove, so beware dog walkers.
Also, central no more. Difficult for the elderly to get to and buses?
A very poorly thought out site, left to the last minute.

B L O T O N T H E L A N D S C A P E.
Nick W
I wonder where else they could have gone?  The current premises is appalling, and I believe that the partners have wanted to build a new centre for a great many years.  From what I have read it certainly isn't 'last minute'
I agree to a point about the traffic, as from what I have seen, I douibt the car-parking will be sufficient on site.  Hopefully someone has thought of that and the road will be adapted to accommodate it safely.  I would make the point that at weekends when there are football matches on at Eastward Ho, the traffic, and the way a lot of it is driven, is frightening anyway.  About time there was a proper pavement on the right hand side going in.
Downside of the surgery is that people will still have to then go back into town for prescriptions, unless they overturn what I heard was a turndown of permission for a dispensary on site.
At the end of the day, we certainly do need a new surgery.
Tim S inactive
The report confirms that there will be a pharmacy in the new site.
Nick W
Ahhh...okay.  An ealier local paper report said they couldn't now have it.  I stand humbly corrected.  :o)
Richard L
Yes the reason they have got away with it, is because they like the Haddo Chemist have agreed to open for 100 hours a week, as opposed to Boots, Coop etc that have normal hours.

So you should be able o get our drugs late at night, go in the grove woods and enjoy oneself.

Joking aside, chemists are becoming like charity shops, coffee shops etc
Marc T inactive
Never seen a poor Chemist...

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