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Michael Portillo, Great Railway Journeys

Dear All

Over the weekend I watched the above which I had recorded.  I was surprised Sidmouth was on it and nobody had mentioned it on this site.

I thought Sidmouth looked lovely and Mr Seagull kept saying '"we'll see Stuart Hughes being interviewed in a moment'.......he wasn't".  Did anyone else see it?


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Angela P
Yes I have watched most the series. He has done other journeys which have been very good. I think they may be out on D.V.D.
Barnacle Bill
Yes I watched it during the week - knew he was making his way down here and pleasantly suprised he visited Sidmouth although by road.

I think it must have been sometime last year before the 'rainy season' as the "expert' that was talking about the cliff falls commented that the landslides should ease up as the sea was meeting with solid cliff, after having destroyed the old railway tunnels - how wrong he was because then we had the rain.

Cllr Hughes must have been giving a large cardboard cheque to someone elsewhere in the town and missed out on another 15 seconds worth. LOL
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Barnacle Bill

We were surprised that nobody mentioned it on here.......

You have so many business on the front and he is a recognizable person and no word of filming in the Sidmouth Herald.

Now I am going to be nasty......perhaps it was so you wouldn't have Stuart Hughes there.....or waving in the background!!
Tell It As It Is inactive
...... or photobombing in the background with a placard saying "We plan anywhere!"
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Or Bay Radio seems to be on placards all round Exmouth at the moment.

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