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Police and crime

Watchfull in Akenham
Hello Nick some time ago you mentioned police and crime plus the new commissioner, and I must addmit I was wondering as well, as I have said before I get emails from, no-reply@policedirect.suffolk--- as to what crime is going on in our areas, any one can get this imfo, just  wring suffolk police and ask them to include you, I have had an email from them telling me about an operation drawbridge carried out on the 22- Jan. 24 warrants where made out and 13 arrests where made I myself often have a pop at the police but in this case I must say well done, wether or not T.P had anything to do with this is doubtful, but what he can do is, to make sure the police time is not wasted when these crooks are taken to court, and to give them the punishment they deserve,if there is one thing that  jarrs a copper off it is,--- after all thier hard work some judge gives these guys an easy out.

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