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Muddy, watery roads

As a serious matter of interest, have any of you folks who live up St Johns way noticed an increase in mud and water on the roads?  Possibly you, Tom E ?


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Tom E
St Johns road  is where the new major development at Hillcrest School is being built., There is therefore a lot of activity heavy equipment and lorries accessing the site so mud on the road is not surprising. The constant traffic congestion around the site is much more of a nuisance.. .
Ann C
i agree tom and its even worse during the school week i lib=ve near bassetts farm school and you can just about get down the road with all the cars parked both sides they even park on the bus stop by the marine houses which is very annoying as the bus cant stop there to let people , i feel so sorry for the elderly that have problems getting off the bus
Ann P
Ann, have you considered having a chat with the School Principal and explaining the problems careless parking causes?   Sometimes, folk are just on autopilot and don't consider their actions, i.e. making it difficult for others.   Maybe the Principal could be persuaded to send a letter to all parents explaining the problem and asking them please to do what they can to ease it.
Ann C
i dont think it would work you just have to look at brixington school to see that and i heard that the farn=mhouse even said parents could park in their car park when taking their children to school and picking them up but not many take advantage of that even moorfied road is a nightmare and now the buses wont  go up there during the times people are dropping off and picking up their children from school as stage coach have considered it too dangerous so i dont think a letter would have much affect but thank you for your suggestion
Nick M
Ann C - try ringing the parking warden people at EDDC (516551) and ask if they would send an attendant to have a look - stress how sooner or later a child is going to be run over and they'll be out pdq to save themselves any bad publicity.  I've done it and it works!
Ann C
we did have someone out months ago to look at the parking it was a wet morning and more cars then usual where i live and also a child has been knocked down in dinan way a petition was set up and a few days later it was reported in the paper that the council have granted permission for a pelican crossing in dinan way.

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