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Whittington Hospital downsizing...

It is very worrying to hear about the very local Whittington Hospital who plan to sell off many buildings in the hospital to pay off debt and rumours of over 300 jobs going.  A Meeting will be held on Tuesday 12 Feb at Archway Methodist Hall at 7.30pm- see and perhaps pass on to those who may be concerned? 


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This is such an important issue. Thanks for raising this on here.
The trust are talking about selling-off unused buildings, to raise funds - but I have not heard mention of job cuts.

Where did you hear about that? An entirely different issue.

Prorities for us locals should probably be:
1) provision of service
2) workforce welfare
3) assets / finance / foundation-status

What do you think?
Catherine BM
We need to find out whether the hospital is entitled to sell off its assets - under the original provision of the charitable donation.  Come to the public meeting on Feb 12 at the Methodist Hall at Archway at 19.30
Ruth F
The mention of jobs cuts was in the Camden Journal last week, but is online also.    See

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