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New Council Tax Rules from April

New Council Tax Rules from April

Please click the link below to join the discussion regarding the changes ( original thread is under Streetlife's Norwich area).


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MeshOffice S
If you are going to be affected DIAL are assisting people to look at their options.  Ring 856900 for an appointment, they haveTuesday's in the MESH office in Gorleston and ther days in Great Yarmouth.
Thanks for commenting about your services MESH. People definitely need to know. :)
Laurence C
The whole point of these schemes are that we have to pay more in taxes to feed the lovely immigrants that keep flooding in from all round the world. The previous labour government, Brussells and Nick Clegg encouraging them in all the time. We shut the gates to ALL immigrants, get out of Europe, make our own laws and get our house in order before worrying about everyone else. Charity begins at home and we should look after our own first!!
Start by bringing back hanging and get tough on crime.
Thanks for commenting. Would be better to add it to the main conversation I linked but never mind.
Jane S
Totally, Laurence C.

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