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meeting new friends

For those who were interested in getting together for a coffee and chat and meeting new friends June has arranged a get together at the Wherry Hotel on Tues 20th at 1oclock hope to see you all there.


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Gill L
Sorry can't make Tuesday. Hope it goes well.
I'm with Hemsley Heatcare
Peter G
Just joined today will be there tues. what a great idea,exactly where do we meet in the the Wherry?
Julie C
In the Carlton Bar which I believe is at the back, June will have a silk pink rose on her jacket,
Susan W
Oh shame i missed it, will there be another?
How did the get together go?  I'm fairly new to Suffolk & would like to get involved in the community & meet new friends. Does anyone know local groups who might need an occasional volunteer?
Peter G
Hi Carole, It went ok for a 1st meeting ,but its just the start ,next one is Dec 4 @1.00 in the Spring Tide do your shopping and drop in! I am fairly new to the area as well,and you do need some social contact especially wintertime.As for volunteer work perhaps charity shops, they are always looking for help.Also the Red Cross use volunteers also.
Gill L
Why not pop in to the volunteer bureau on Milton Road East? They always have need for willing volunteers, also the Blind group had an advert in the Lowestoft Journal for a Buddy system to aid those with partial or no vision. Good luck, whatever you do I am sure will be most appreciated.
I'm with Hemsley Heatcare
Andree I
I was just about to put out a reminder about our quiz night here at Lowestoft Library this Friday evening, why don't you all see if you can get a team together? If there aren't enough of you, but a few still want to come, I know we have a few 'Teamless' people coming along hoping to join up with others. Phone 01502 405342 for more info, or see the 'events' post I am now going to write! Andree
June P
      the meet is tue   4 th dec      at the wherry   in carlton  bar    i will still be haveing my pim=nk silk rose on my jacket   so you know where to com 

    its the back of hotel   is steps not for you if you come in the from
nt door its poss to walk through

              hope to see you tomorrow     june
June P

the next meet is at wherry hotel     18 th dec    12 30   TUE     

at the back of hotel 

i have silk pink rose on my jacket to help   everyone     we just have a coffee

hope to see you all       june

Brenda A
I do a of knitting for charity, anyone out there interested. Also do befriending visiting for Age Concern.
Would like to meet like minded people.
Jenny S
hi all and Carole. bit behind with things but the "Break" charity shop in Beccles is looking for helpers, we are a friendly bunch and would love you to drop in and see us.  have a healthy new year.................X
Hi Jenny. Thanks for this. Have sent you a message for more info.
Many thanks.
I have bookkeeping (Sage software) & computer skills if anyone needs a volunteer for these.
Beatrice N
Please could someone confirm what time, I have read 1 30 ,12 30 and 12 00 .

Thank you .

I have Just come back home, I would like to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Bea
Brenda A
are you talking about Sunday, the trouble with these conversations ,they are too disjointed.
however i will not be there on sunday now ok
June P
h happy new year to all 

      the next meeting is            TJE      1 30   PM   ON THE 8TH JAN    AT THE

   WHERRY CASLTON BAR   at the back of hotel    as there is lots space for cars
         i shall have a pink silk rose in my jacket     hold to see you there where all arm chairs are     [  IF WE CAN GET THEM    ]
Beatrice N
Brenda A I agree the conversations are all over the place so many different dates and times the latest time and date is Tues 8th Jan at 1pm at the Wherry
at the back June will wear a pink rose hope you can make it Bea
Brenda A
I am afraid I do my befriending visit  on Tuesday, Catch you next time I hope.
Beatrice N
Hi Brenda well done being a befriender ,
I wont be there my back decided to go into a spasm can't walk ,lets hope we meet next time keep you posted Bea
Brenda A
you have my sympathy ,I am not a stranger to back ache, hope you soon feel better,
Beatrice N
Thank you Brenda for your wishes, means a lot .
hope to meet yoy soon Bea

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