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Co-op - It's improving!

Twice this week - hardly ever go in the shop because of the queues - but needed items which Tesco did not have.

The Manager saw I was looking for something and came over and asked if he could help, which was good of him.  Yesterday I needed to get something and went in, soon as the queues built up they called "for queue busters" and three were serving.  So we were soon served and out of the shop.

As I have mentioned of previous posts they have got a good assistant there called Dave  -  he is always bright and jolly and makes everyone feel special.


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Tell It As It Is inactive
The staff in the Co-op have always displayed excellent customer service with regard to being helpful on the shop floor .......... very often staff will check the warehouse (upstairs) for items that are not currently on the shelves. They are extremely polite as well. For me the problem is how quickly the queue builds up ....... one minute there is only one customer at the checkout ....... the next there are several waiting to be served. I've managed to narrow it down to one of the staff being bright and jolly as he chats away and makes everyone feel special ........ whilst he's doing that the queue gets longer.
I'm sorry to be somewhat contrary (actually I'm not at all sorry ) but I like the Co-op. The staff are very friendly, the manager is extremely helpful and although there are queues sometimes they disappear very quickly when they call for queue-busters. And I have never found Tesco to be any better as regards queues.
And the Co-op is a good ethical business, supporting not only fairtrade but also British food and suppliers. More power to its elbow! Buy British, support British agriculture - it may not be perfect but ethically and welfare-wise it knocks spots off foreign agriculture
Anne V inactive
And I'm not sorry to see other people appreciate what the co-op has to offer!  It's not "improving", it's always been this good, you just have to learn to appreciate what's right there.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive

Few years ago it (the Co-Op) was smaller.  I still prefer Tesco it is personal choice.
Hibou - I thought the Co-Op was one of the supermarkets who agreed to raise milk prices at last!  

Two supermarkets have agreed to increase the amount they pay for milk after a series of demonstrations by farmers in protest over recent price cuts.

Morrisons and the Co-operative bowed to pressure after farmers last night blocked the entrances to a Robert Wiseman dairy in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, and another plant at Folston in Derbyshire.

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SS  - The current prices (Sept 2012) paid to farmers are roughly Tesco 29-31p/l  Co-op 31p/l  Sainsburys 30.5-32.4p/l   Waitrose 32p/l  although there is quite a lot of variation due to quality and individual contracts.
The co-op has a number of its own farms, though less than it used to.
Nick B
Co-op ?    Reserving judgement !!!
It will all be ok when Morrisons moves into town in next few years!! Ha
Ha Ha!!
Robin F inactive
I'm rather impressed with Morrisons, I sometimes pop in to the Paignton branch and their restaurant food is so reasonably priced, lots of choice, friendly staff, and children I believe can eat free with an adult during weekdays. A nice gesture to families given the present fiscal climate.
Henry H inactive
And I'm a total traitor to the town's shops.... I usually go for an ASDA home delivery which comes over from Tauton or Newton Abbot - delivery is only £3 and their stuff is pretty similar in quality to Tesco. It saves the hassle of queueing or carrying a basket, and the range of stuff is far greater to pick from if I want things that the town shops don't. If I need extra bits I go to Tesco - never co-op unless it is a really good deal I'm after.

I remember when the co-op used to be a Spar shop (and the sue ryder charity shop used to be a newagent).
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
"Queue Busters" from a customer

Mr Seagull was in the Co-op today and a lady with a walking trolley, she called for "Queue Busters" - she said she could not stand up for too long -  she was at the back of the queue but it worked!   Wished I was there.
Mary B
Co-Op every time.......stopped shopping at Tesco when they opened in town.....a Tesco too many.....same for Costa Coffee!
Tell It As It Is inactive
Whilst being served I overheard a couple of staff members chatting at the checkout, just before Christmas, and they referred to a member of staff having been  suspended ......... any of them been missing recently?
Tell It As It Is inactive
Well the "bright and jolly" chap has had a long Christmas break ............. but, there is still the occasion where a queue builds up. I think it is just a question of balancing the needs of the checkout against the need to fill the shelves. The manager (and staff) to an excellent job considering.

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