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Green Tokens at Waitrose - Sid Valley Food Bank

I have just returned from Waitrose and noticed that the Sid Valley Food Bank is one of the three chosen good causes - it is against the Salvation Army which seems to be winning!


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Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Good way of giving to worthy causes.
Barnacle Bill
I'm having second thoughts about the Food Bank program after watching an item on the BBC evening news. A young married mother told the reporter that she thought the food banks were a good idea because it took pressure off her having to find money for food over Christmas which meant that she could buy more presents for her children.

Hmmmm..........not all cases are like this I know but, I don't think she was a wise choice for a spot on the national news.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Barnacle Bill

I watched that and I thought the made me think too.
Tell It As It Is inactive
Oh ..... I didn't see that on the news but it really is not the reason for these food banks ........ what a shame ....... I just hope that this is a minority view and other families appreciate the food for what it is and the manner in which it is given. The co-op box is nearly always full.

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