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Resonable electrian

Could someone point me in the direction of a resonable qualitied electrian to instal our new cooker please?


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Jenny T
We used an electrician recently who was very good, we got his name from the Midweek Herald, his name is Trevor Part,    tel 01404 811429 or 07711893490
Patricia C
Thanks Jenny I'll keep him in mind. espcially as he is contactable by texting.

Alex M
Hi Patricia, 

My Partner works for Blackmore electrical in Honiton. He is doing some extra work at the moment in the evenings and on weekends to try and earn some extra money. I'm sure he would happily instal your cooker for you, as soon as you need it doing and for a reasonable price. 
His telephone no is 07715566914 or if you would prefer to arrange a time with me on here i could pass on the message.
Hope this helps
Patricia C
Thank you for the respnse to this query. It would be great if someone had the time to compile a list of tried and tested people who will take on small jobs.

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