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Local decorator in East London

Hi there

I'm looking for a reputable decorator in the East London area, someone who is trustworthy and reliable. 

I'm also looking for a floor sanding expert, ideally linked to the decorator, or maybe the same person that does both.

Thanks a lot


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I can highly recommend Mark Williams of Decorating Concepts. He has carried out some extremely high quality work for me recently.  Just google him and you'll find all his contact details. All the best, Harriet
Maxine J
Thank you very much Harriet, I'll look him up.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.  Max
Merry Xmas to you and yours too!
Maxine J
HI Harriet, is he based in Gosport, Hants??  I found this website, does it look like the one you have??  or is it this one  Thanks, Max
Brian C
Hello Max

Heres my 5***** recommendation:

'Girl about the house'

Debbie & Julie, meticulous, very clean and very reasonable.............also, lovely people.


Julie 07968 238 926

All the best

Maxine J
Don't worry Harriet, I've found him, highly recommended on another forum as well, he must be good, thanks for your help, Max
That's ok - glad you found him! H
Kooi L
if you still need a good decorator his email;

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