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Wanstead and Woodford police stations

What do people think about the plans to close Wanstead and Woodford police stations? I wrote a story about it yesterday:


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Chris S
I have mixed views about police stations closing. If they are very underused then perhaps they should close, but then where will police be based, and where will people be seen ( supermarkets ? ), and what about confidentiality?
Figures about footfall should be released so an intelligent discussion can be conducted.
Alistair K
The Mayor's Office is hoping residents will put forward suggestions for contact point locations as part of the ongoing consultation on the plan. Not sure how willing people in Wanstead and Woodford Green will be to do that? Supermarkets, post offices and council buildings have all been mooted. At some meetings last year, the idea of basing the police at Woodford fire station was suggested? Do you think that is a goer?
Chris S
Wherever these places are they will need an enclosed area so confidentiality can be strictly enforced. I gather Ilford will stay open so, presumably, all the Officers that used Wanstead/Woodford as a base will now be based at Ilford. Do they have the space to accomodate the numbers involved?I don't think the public wants to see these police stations closed because it is almost certain they will never be re-opened.
Also, I understand that the Community Police Teams will be reduced to 2 people from 6! That will go down like a lead balloon because, if nothing else, there was a uniformed presence on the streets
Sarfaraz A
I read an article about the police station s in wanstead and Woodford closing down for good.The Ilford police station will work as normal. The Barkingside police station will work with reduced hours. In my opinion that will give rise robberies and burglaries in an otherwise safe area. We have been living in clayhall peacefully for nearly 3 years. Not sure what would be the effect of the closure.
Mark G
What plans to close the stations? The MOPAC plan only talks about closing the front desks and will be subject to an open forum public discussion on 11th February at Ilford Town Hall. Where are you reading any plans to close the stations altogether? Page number?

"Also, I understand that the Community Police Teams will be reduced to 2 people from 6!". Where is this coming from? More like misunderstand.
Cllr Ian Bond
We understand informally that both Woodford and Wanstead police stations would be sold if the front counters close, but Mark is right that this isn't confirmed in writing as yet.  However the proposal to reduce the ward-based teams to a minimum of one PC and one PCSO is set out in the draft Police & Crime plan, with the remainder of the (enhanced, in the case of Redbridge) Safer Neighbourhood Teams "deployed flexibly" over a number of wards.  We believe this means that the Borough will be sub-divided into say three local policing areas and the SNTs treated as a flexible resource across this wider area.  Clearly this would be a big change from the current position where the SNTs are based in each ward, and we're worried that this could weaken the ties with local communities and leave some areas without a reasonable level of regular policing.
Martin ABC
Oh dear. 

I DO have a problem with trying to read this latest piece. 
The reason seems to be that a string on initial letters has been used.  Where were these defined? 
Hint: Try using bold the first time the full words were used. 
That way, the eye can scan backwards rapidly to see what this, regrettable misuse of our language, was meant to convey.

Secondly, for years I have "campaigned" against cliché words. 
The word "clearly" indicates that the user has finally accepted what was blindingly obvious to everyone else.  Under no circumstance should it be used at the start of a sentence, as then it is most aggressive - remember Henry Cooper's left hook "d'you wanna' argue with that"?

Signed as The GoodEnglish Professor
Mark G
PC - Police Constable
PCSO - Police Community Support Officer
SNT - Safer Neighbourhood Team

Apologies to Chris S. I was working under the impression the "local policing model" as explaining very thoroughly by the Borough Commander late last year was to be the way forward for a while. I now realise the proposals in the MOPAC (Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime) are very different.
Matthew G
Alistair K, Chris S, Sarfaraz A, Mark G, Cllr Ian Bond - what a great thread containing useful, intelligent and reasoned debate.

Martin ABC is that really the best contribution you think you can make here?  Needlessly and pedantically belittling someone for not writing English the way that you think they should.  Shame on you.  Not only are there many errors in your comment (which I will rise above enumerating), but your second point is also entirely wrong.  "Clearly" is a sentence adverb and as such this usage is quite correct.
Chris S
Thanks Mark G. I appreciate your apology

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