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Hi all I see we are down for snow from 6 in the morning, nice to know summer is on it,s way.See you all on the sky slope,s


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Pining Lass
You'll not find me up at 6 on a Sunday :-)
David H
No such luck for me PL, one cat got me up every 20 minutes from 4:50 onwards by batting my face, my other cat got into a fight outside my window, when i let him in he decided to start batting my 9 month old puppy so the whole house was woken at 5:45 to howling and furniture being knocked around

hope this torrential rain stops, dont want more flooding like before christmas
Pining Lass
Ah pets, don't you just love them :-)

Anyway, it's getting you in training for the new baby, but that will be every 20 mins from the moment you put him/her down to sleep LOL

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