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3 fawn bullmastiff cross puppies stolen in beccles suffolk

we had our 3 beautiful puppies stolen in Beccles between Thursday (21th Feb)Night and (22nd Feb)Friday early morning. 
we really want too find our puppies.
there is 2 female & 1 Male.
one of the females is in the picture with the white bit on her nose and white chest and white round her neck and she has a dark patch on her tail.
The other female which we don't have a picture of is a very light tanned female with a not so dark nuzzle unlike the other too we say she looks like and is the colour of a andrex puppy.
the male is the other picture he is tanned with a dark nuzzle.
please dont not buy these puppys as they are stolen.
if anyone has any information or knows of anything please get in contact as we really are missing them especially our 4year daughter.


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I am so sorry charley B -- My family members have a lot of dogs and sometimes puppies, and are in contact with people who breed them. I will share information with them about your loss and keep my eyes open for any puppies for sale.
This is dreadful Charley - you must be devastated.  I had already seen this on and been keeping an eye out..  Helen will give you really good advice on things to do.   The more you can spread the word & make them 'too hot to handle' the better - posters, shop windows, Facebook etc..                    If you can keep the doglost site updated with what action has been taken it might keep it up the page & in the eye of local helpers.   Really hope they are safe home with you very soon.
Jenny S
sorry to hear about your pups.let's hope you hear some positive words soon
Barbara C
So sorry to hear about the theft of your lovely puppies, I will keep my ear to the ground and spread the word, hope they are home soon,, don't forget to let us know when you get them back as I'm sure you will.
Debs S
I cant believe someone would steal puppies and not in beccles  ,have you contacted the old bill im beccles where about were they taken ?if i hear anything i'll let you know .
Is there any news on your puppies yet? I have checked on the Doglost page (49123) and there is no news since February. Hope they're safe home.

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