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Valuing our Libraries


My social enterprise - 'People Shaped Solutions CIC' - has just released a collection of short films about the Norwich Millennium Library - and, indeed, about the value of libraries in general. These were made by volunteers from the Norwich Community Learning Champions (a project we manage), and collectively go under the title of, Why We Love Our Library'. Click on the following link to view these (and feel free to share!):

Why We Love Our Library


Colin Howey
People Shaped Solutions CIC


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Lynn F
Watched the film and thought it was well done. I love Hellesdon Library with it's friendly, helpful staff and a good choice of reading matter, DVD's etc.  Why not come along and and join the Hellesdon Book Club - we meet last Friday of the month at 14.30.  We would particularly welcome any male readers to redress the balance.
Colin H
Hi Lynn,

Thanks for commenting - and for your kind words about the films. Thanks also for the invitation to join the Hellesdon Book Club. I'm actually already in a bookclub - but one that meets in the evenings. Nowadays, I'm so busy juggling three jobs at once, that, alas, I wouldn't be able to join you in the daytime anyway. You might try putting a shout out on here to try and attract male readers perhaps? 

Yes well done.It was a very enjoyable film.As someone who works in a Library I am happy to see any promotion for them. The Forum is a wonderful library and deserves to be voted the higest lending Library in the country. They are an essential resource to the Community and do a great job.
Wendy M
Hi Colin,
It is a great film and shows what a wonderful place our library is.
I put it on our website

Hope you don't mind.
Marion F
Just wanted to say that I love Norwich Millenium Library in the Forum, only discovered recently that there is a lift to the other floors!! So I now can avail of much more stuff to do, read and borrow, as well as n the downstairs express library. Actually the express library and rest of ground floor is much better than many other local libraries I have used and had mostly given them up as they were uninspiring.

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