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bt vision upgrade

help has anyone else been having trouble with bt vision these last few days, we have lost stations and cannot recieve sky sports 1 and 2 and espn. i have contacted the technical help 4 times the stations come on again then a few hours later just a blank screen once more


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Kathie J
Sounds like the broadband strength is dropping in and out. I don't know enough about it I'm afraid. But if it was me and i was really stumped (and I wanted to avoid a technician call out cost) I would dig out the set-up manual unplug and disconnect everything and set up from scratch. I guess you did try updating your channel first though? Also, can't guarantee that if you re-setup, you won't lose your recordings. Help pages here:
Lynne M
thanks kathie but each time i have spoken to bt vision technicians they have instructed me to unplug, rescan, reboot and goodness know what else but all to no avail i guess i will have to call them again
Trevor R
There was a bit about the sort of problems your having on whatchdog the other week, bt vision customers with no end of problems with there hardware, loosing channels, bt's customer services well bellow par.... I say go with virgin media or sky save yourself alot of unnecessary stress.
Kathie J
As soon as we are able we are moving over to Freeview+ and co-op for phone and broadband.
The tuner in the BT Vision box is not the best. If you want to give it a go you can try contacting the BT Community Moderators. They are very helpful and it means you bypass the helpline.  You have to post your problem on the community pages here:-  The fill in the short contact form here :-

If you just decide to cancel your contract.  Make sure you have gone past your minimum contract term otherwise BT will charge you for the Vision box!
Lynne M
thanks for tha davidt i have just spoke to the technical dept for the fifth time in as many days and it is working again but for how long no one knows i think we will have to consider changing if this keeps on happening.
Chris R
I agree with Trevor. We're with Virgin Media for TV, phone and broadband and we've never had any problems at all. They upgrade channels all the time and the pause and rewind facility is something we can't live without!!

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