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Amber missing sheltie

Sable and white shetland sheep dog 10years old went missing from Widworthy court last seen at caravan park near honiton , she is or was wearing tags, if any one has seen her or might see her in the morning call 0773652950 or 01404831110


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Christopher C inactive
Nothing see of the dog as yet will, take a lead with me when I do my rounds does the dog respond to a friendly approach, offers of tit bits etc? If I see it I will casll you but I may not hear you as I amd hearing impaired and usually text.
Ali P
Amber was found last night at Allan brights sawmill,thank god
Christopher C inactive
Good to hear she is back home safe. Know how you must have felt. We miss our dogs and I have to wait until Dec 2014 before I get my hearing dog.
Patricia C
Just looked on Google, Amber travelled about 4 miles round the roads but only half a mile or so across the fields.

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