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What a shame to see Stokes closed. We now do not have a dedicated fruit and veg shop in the town and are forced to pay higher prices in huge supermarket chains.This at a time when the government are trying to get us all to eat more healthily. For hints and advice on staying fit and well please visit


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there will be nothing left in this town soon, infact i'm surprised its even lasted this long.
Lesley W
Stokes, TMI Hairdressers, Fat Jax, who will be next, the Council will be very happy as we will need Asda or such like on any piece of land, so we can buy all fruit and veg, school uniforms in one place, so the town will die, which seems to be want the Council want..........also lets close down some B&B's when the Premier Inn is built  (and not forgetting the Elizabeth Hall - was bulldozered down for) in fact let the Council just kill off all businesses, with ludicrously expensive rates, and allow nothing but Charity shops (who sell brand new goods -  but dont pay equal business rates) I could say more but hey ho who listens..............x
Andy G
Just been looking into the Business rates and how they are calulated.
Apparently the council do not set the rates, There were valuations done years ago by the VOA (Valuation Office Agency) and then there is a multplier set by central government EDDC is currently set at 45.8p in the pound for each pound the property is worth and 45.0p for small businesses. So, if your premises is worth £10,000 your rates would be £4580!  Or £4,500 if you were a small business.
This is the official line from EDDC website:
"Rateable values represent the open market annual rental value of a non-domestic property on a set valuation date. This means the rent the property would let for on the valuation date, if it was being offered on the open market. Current rateable values, which came into effect on 1 April 2010, represent rental values as at 1 April 2008. The rateable value is used by the Council to calculate your business rates bill."
Andy G
.... following on from that, there is relief available.  Not sure how that works but I'm sure that charity shops get the maximum relief (which is why we have so many!) 
Matthew G
Yes, councils do not set business rates and they don't receive the money either - it all goes straight to central government.  The only role the council plays is that they have to actually collect the money (in fact they still have to pay it to the government even if individual tenants fail to pay them!).

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