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Oh goody.... the new stores to go on the Cranes site are...

Furniture store DFS, Paul Simon Curtains, Furniture Village, Costa Coffee and Carphone Warehouse will become tenants of the second phase development. They will be situated opposite John Lewis, and they are expected to be completed in July next year.

Great, how useful.


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Wendy A
Same old boring stores. Whatever happened to Ikea going there? We need something like that in this region!
James M
Yeh, around 2008, IKEA expressed an interest.  Saying that, IKEA would be almost as boring as the other furniture stores (not sure my missus would agree, she loves it!) - imagine the traffic, though.
Jackie E
Traffic there is already a nightmare - just going to get worse. Somewhere else for me to avoid.
Alison M
It was going to be just an Ikea warehouse. Shame we can't have some interesting stores. I still miss C and A and Littlewoods.
Dozey M
I Agree traffic already a nightmare.... but think about it we now have to buy more petrol, to shop at out of town centers. IKEA!.... Urggggg!  Thank goodness that awful store decided not to come to Ipswich.
James M
I would like more interesting shops too, but when asked what they would be.. I'd find it hard to say.  Especially if they have to fill a warehouse sized unit.

I think what would be really nice would be a large warehouse unit filled with little shop units, all selling crafts, hobby stuff, specialist clothing, etc.  Like the Cornhill market, only good (when it was behind the council offices it used to be much better I seem to recall - now it's basically a bag tent, a cheap tops tent and a fruit and veg tent)

Something like the attached picture - I'm sure this would be a big tourist draw.
Carol C
Seems  that two Carphone Warehouse stores in Ipswich already is not enough! Just what we need, same old, same old, boring!
Andrew R
Hey James,

I agree with the idea of an 'indoor market', we visited one in Cornwall this year and it had everything under one roof which even featured an indoor form of a car boot/table top sale.

These guys ran it and others around the country:
I'm with Phones Limited
Peter B
A really good market for the town selling a variety of goods and produce as can be found in other towns would be a great asset for Ipswich. It would be good to see it under cover instead of the rag bag of tents on cornhill.
James M
What has happened to the Cornhill market?  When it was behind the council, there used to be 20 or 30 different stalls, 2nd hand bookshops etc, I think it picked up the remnants of the bazaar that used to be in the Westgate Centre before they shut it.  I used to love to browse it.

The one on Cornhill seems to be just three tents which have swelled in size - do we really need a football pitch sized tent selling cheap ladies tops? (not to pick on one of them unfairly, but you know what I mean)
Shirley W
I agree with everyone else, the proposed shops won't have me running to them to have a look around. Unfortunately it seems like we now live in a shopping culture, its consumerism gone mad. Why couldn't the Cranes site be a mixture of department stores (if we must have them!), artisan stores and maybe a climbing wall or at least something that is different. 

Have to agree,the traffic has got worse around the sainsbury roundabout going towards john lewis and waitrose since they opened.
Also an indoor market would be great!! the other proposed stores are just the same old same boooooooring.
Alison M
I would like to see an Ikea, or a large Hobbycraft store, no more expensive furniture stores we have enough. Perhaps a bowling alley as there isn't one that side of town. A Littlewoods (I miss it so much). But whatever they decide it is still not going to help the ailing town stores and Ipswich will soon be filled with pound stores, charity shops and expensive coffee shops. How about a bingo hall? Just something different than the norm pleeeeease/
Pamela D
Unfortunately most town centres are the same watched "Question Time" last night disscusion was about the same thing because of all the large stores being built on the outskirts
Shopping on line has had an affect also, rents to high for these shops to come into the centre of town.
The question has to be asked why are the rents so high? Surely it should be set on supply and demand. With less and less shops seeing a town centre location as desireable, the rents should come down to reflect this. Something doesn't add up.
Reg S
Who remember when the market was in the town hall complex now it's one supermarket ha ha
Mary R
I remember the lovely  market that was in the town hall and i would like to see it at the waitrose site or as someone else commented a c and a or a littlewoods .
Sentinel R inactive
****sigh**** so is there like a shortage of phone shops? Really? Phone shops and coffee shops are taking over the world!
Didn't you know that's what people do. Drink coffee and use smartphones?

It amazes me that there's enough people changing phones to keep them in business. I'm still using an old brick that texts and shock horror makes phone calls.

There seems to be an endless rush to get the latest "must have" phone. How do these people afford them so often?
Reg S
hi Mary      do  you  remember  those lovely boiled sweets and the gorgeous colours and the smell is it strange that after 75 years you can still smell them and taste them also
Barbara P
hi mary i to rember the old fashion sweets i used to live near a man who used to make his own toffee and humbug sweets they were nice he used to go round selling them on his bike every saturday morning .in the nacton road area .that was a long time ago.
John E
rocky smith was his name......i used to get a bag of sweets on the way to school. My favorite was the coconut rock.
What we need is something like Greenwich Market in Londion.  Small, independent stalls selling a variety of arts, crafts, antiques and food.  What we don't need is more coffee shops (just how much coffee can one person consume in a day?) phone shops and Tesco stores.  I'm happy to see more furniture shops because we don't really have that many in the area but please no more DIY sheds, and supermarkets.
Carol R
How many furniture stores, coffee shops and mobile phone shops does our town need, i agree with everything that has been said these shops are boring selling the same old stuff, we need some small units market style, all under cover and we could certainly do with a really good craft shop and maybe something like 'go outdoors' the sports shop that they have in colchester, which covers outdoor pursuits like walking, horse riding, ski gear etc

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