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1,000 Litre water tank giveaway

Good morning everyone,

I have a 1,000 litre IBC food grade container to give away. It's black
so water won't turn green and it's on it's own integrated plastic
pallet with cage surround.

It measures about 3 feet cubed and would need a couple of people to
lift it onto a van or truck. This would be great for someone who has
horses or other livestock as it can be filled and then water drawn off
as required

I'm in Blofield. Give me a shout if you'd like this



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Fi M
I sent a message to my pal who helps at PACT animal sanctuary. No reply so think she's on holiday. They, or another large animal rescue place, may find this useful so maybe you could have a ring round?
Fi M
You could also try putting it on Freegle!
Phil M
Hi Fi,
thanks for the suggestions but the tank has been spoken for and should be collected soon.

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