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On-steet parking in Halesworth: let the bus past!

Nat Bocking in Blyford
A polite message to everyone who parks on the street in Halesworth, especially Chediston St, Beech Close (frequent problem areas) and all the housing estates: please leave enough room for the 511 Hoppa bus to get  past you. Even though the cars and vans can be legally parked and cars can get past; there is often not enough room for  the bus to pass, especially on bends.

The Halesworth Hoppa is 2.3 metres wide. A fire engine is 2.55 metres wide. If the bus can't get through, a fire engine can't. There have been fatalities in other towns when fire engines have been delayed by legally parked cars; in these situations, seconds save lives. 

The police have asked us not to leave polite notes on vehicles but to report any instances of this. If we can't get the problem sorted out in a friendly community way, the answer will be to change the route so the bus doesn't serve all of Halesworth and Holton or have yellow lines painted. Neither of these options is really wanted.

The 511 bus is allowed to go 250 yards off the registered route to help pick up/drop off disabled passengers but there are many 'no-go' areas now we can't offer this service. All our drivers are volunteers helping your community, please help them.

Please, when you park on some of the narrower roads (much of Halesworth!) look around you and think, can a fire engine get past here?

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