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The Summer Season cometh and –

Roger K in Cobholm Island

It's good to see SOME investment taking place on “The Front”, especially as the cost of getting to GY is now so very high let alone the prices people are being charged in so many places once here but there are a few things that are in serious need of a shake up / clean up.

One “hobby horse” of mine is the scruffy state of Landau drivers.  I mentioned this in the past.

Would it be so very difficult for the Council to impose a dress code for the drivers? Nothing too flash, maybe just a “Straw Boater for fine days and a Sou'wester or some such if (!) it ever rains. Add a standard waistcoat and a standard waterproof cape for when it's needed and Robert's your mother's brother – a marked improvement from the scruff bags that we presently have.

Another thing that gets to me is the appalling state of the Pleasure Beach.

Have the proprietors never heard of paint?

Especially on that awful giant who looks as if he's got terminal psoriasis at present.

Then there's the limited opening hours. “We close 'cos there's no business” will be the wail.


Provide an attraction and they will come! Apart from anything else you guys are supposed to provide a facility and an attraction for GY, not just an expensive money magnet raising the maximum profit for the minimum cost to yourselves.

These are things that GY council could, and more importantly SHOULD be taking more than an interest in.

Anyone got other things they believe could be improved by a little investment from those who claw in their money from?

I can think of a few more but those I've mentioned are the ones that I believe could deliver the biggest bang for the buck.


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