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So, Each in the old Rayners store, a new chemist to open shortly in the old k&b bathroom store and seemingly Prezzo for the former Candlers site. These businesses may not be everybody's cup of tea but how refreshing to see some signs of development and investment in an area of town which until recently was looking so run down!


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Emma E inactive
Yes Steve new chemist looks good,better than another charity shop.
Mike F
I agree - it was alarming that suddenly several shops closed their doors. I used to be with Rayners and they just went  - Harwich then becoming the nearest branch. But I have found Spec Savers very good. Incidentally I am told that Candlers is available on a short term let of a peppercorn rent (but business rates of £700 or something a week!)
Elizabeth A
I agree it is lovely to c some new proper shops opening.
Nick W
I agree, as you know from my other posts regarding Prezzo etc.  But do we have the need for yet another pharmacy?  Central surgery is opening a temporary one as well (only so they can have one on the new site when they build it.  Apparently if they didn't have an existing one, they wouldn't get permission for one there.  How strange and what a waste of time and money.)

So we now are going to have.. 2x Boots, Co-op, New one, Central Surgery, Walton.  At least it may kick the co-op one into working abit faster.  Every time I have tried to use them, they have wnated me to come back in an hour or two hours, so I walk down to Boots, Orwell Road and they dispense instantly.  Think on Co-Op.. you can do better.
Christine B
Dont Get me started on Co-op pharmacy , they have always messed my daughter about , they once didnt have enough antibiotics for her little girl , so daughter go well can i have my perscription back i'll go else where , they go no sorry we have already processed it , she had to get bus from trimley again the next day to pick the rest of the perscription up , She never use Co-op pharmacy now , dont forget Morrisons as a Pharmacy
Elizabeth A
Boots Will let you have a prescription back.
Pauline H
it will be good to have new shops
Zaax D
Another chemist as well as central surgery's new one. Mind you its better than all those charity shops. There's even one in Walton now.
Stick of Rock
I can't see how a new chemist, new cafe and new charity shop is a good thing, don't we have too many of them already?????

How about a children's clothes shop, especially one that sells school uniform, or something for children in some way, you'd never know there were children in this town judging by the shops.
Christine B
If there wasn't a need for charity shops then there would not be so many. The one in Walton is an offshoot of the Basic life charity in Hamilton Road. Basic is one we should all support as it serves the people of Felixstowe and district.
Perhaps we would have a better choice of shops if the rates were not so prohibitive!
Cara B
I agree a children's clothes shop, but with sensible prices! Also a pound shop!
Christine B
Definately agree that a pound shop (especially poundland) would be a great idea. Possibly a B & M also
Stick of Rock
It was a sad day when Woolworth shut down, toys, kids clothes, stationary, homewares, all at affordable prices.
I work at the co op pharmacy and I can assure you we all work our damned hardest there, every minute if every day!
It's not just doing prescriptions... Work a day in pharmacy and then tell us how to work faster!!!
Nick W
Emma... I certainly don't mean to imply any of the staff are not working hard.  Maybe it's just the system that needs changing.

For working people who have to leave work for a docs appt, then get a prescription, they (myself included) can't go away and come back an hour or two hours later when they need the medication.

I cna only say how it is, and find that the Boots in Orwell Road will (in my own experience) always do them on the spot.

Maybe it needs a system where those who aren't urgent can call back and those who can't can be done on the spot.  Believe me, I would rather co the Co-Op one.

Please accept my apology if you think I meant that the staff don't work hard.
Christine B
Yes Nick CO-OP pharmacy need to change there system the person who invented it seems to think we can all stand around all day doing nothing
Marc T inactive
Well, if we're bashing pharmacies ... the Boots in Orwell Road seriously need to develop a system that satisfies the customers.  I stood there for 25 minutes yesterday, to pick up an already filled prescription.  There was one girl serving at the counter (and doing very well) and four behind the counter who appeared to be doing very little.
I appreciate that there are constant tasks to be performed, but surely someone should realise that there are 15 people waiting and half the available serving positions aren't occupied?  
I mean - I was off work and am reasonably fit, so standing for 25 minutes wasn't an issue.  But plenty of older people had to give up and come back later.
Christine B
I agree Marc, I too have waited ages to be served in there when picking up a filled prescription
Elizabeth A
Emma I agree with you, on saying that I agree that pharmacys are slow but it is a slow procedure. Drugs have to be check by two people and cannot be rushed, patience is required, when leaving a prescription you have to allow a certain time or arrange to go back. I use Orwell road Boots, never have a problem. Have used co op for other people, no problem. It is better to wait than get the wrong tablets which I once did at the old safe way, could have been very nasty, That happened as not enough care and attention was given.
Mike F
I use the Co-op a lot, having a lot of medication these days, and I always find them very helpful and pleasant, and they are clearly working hard.
Stick of Rock
There is something, very, very weird in the Candlers shop right now, a bible exhibition, it looks like a cult headquarters.
Cara B
Bible's weird? Cult? It's the greatest book ever!
Marc T inactive
Cara, it's a matter of opinion.  Christianity is practised by a modest minority of Brits, and therefore must be considered a cult.
Nick W
Marc, I find that comment extraordinary.  This country is still (to my knowledge) headed by the Queen who is head of the Church of England.  We have churches in every town, village and city.

To say that Christianity is 'practised by a modest minority of Brits', is appalling.  It is neither a minority cult, not exclusively English.

I must assume that you celebrate some sort of pagan ritual when the rest of us are celebrating Christmas.

Even if your comments were remotely true, it would be totally reasonable for a group of people to take the opportunity to use an empty shop for a short term exhibition etc.

I don't often moan at you but I really find your remarks quite offensive.

Just saying...
Cara B
Thank you Nick! For a "cult" it's the best selling book ever! funny how it's always ok to have a dig at Christianity, but pretty much everyone turns to God in times of need!

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