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Where to go sledging ?

Where are there any hills to go sledging in the Yarmouth area? Any help would make me very popular with a certain small boy in our house.


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Janet inactive
You could try the cycle path between Victoria Road Gorleston and the Cliff Park estate  which follows the old railway line - its a safe area and there are a few hills!
Emma S
We take ours to the park and use the skateboarders ramp as its no good to them covered in snow but great for sledges :)
there are not many places in great yarmouth which have hills, the only place i know of is in the park area near great yarmouth acadamy, its the green area on the google map, the biggist hill in this area is a footpath oppersite great yarmouth acadamy (formally greenacer middle school)
Darren W inactive
Burgh Castle Roman ruins is a good site.....spent many days off school up there.
I'm with Gorleston FC
I wish my kids were still young, I'd love an excuse to go sledging!
Dave K
Just drove past Bure park and kids are sledging down the embankment between the Pitch and Putt and the park itself. It's not a long run, but looks like a fast one!
Darren W inactive don't have to take the kids sledging,just pretend they are about somewhere.....went to loddon bypass yesterday for 3 hours. tired legs today  52.526392,1.487296
I'm with Gorleston FC
Alan S
Bure park was the choice today. Thank you streetlfers.
Darren....I don't think I could go sledging on my own. Embarrassing!

Oh I miss roller skating, skateboarding and dance machines! 

Suppose I'll have to wait now for grandkids!
Holly H
Be mindful that ponds and pools will have a very thin slick of ice which will be strong enough to bear a layer of snow hiding them completely but not to bear dogs or people.
Bacton Woods-used to be some good runs if there was enough snow to penetrate the trees.

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