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Mutual Support: new page

Welcome to our new page! Many of you will know what I am talking about and I hope you will come to this page to find out what is going on. If you don't know what its all about come along anyway and find out. It could be good way to start the new year, making friends and contacts and helping each other in difficult times


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Margareta d
     Dear Jenny
       Great idea. This will work better as it cuts out a lot of wasted time browsing through Out of date business. I keep hiding stuff yet it comes up again and again. Hope we all/some can have a get together soon. I am still quite a bit low after the December spectacle. I loved the parties and the dinners but for the rest I just survive. 
               Nice now though, to go into shops without the vulgar rubbish they are wanting to sell. 
       Hope this year will be better than the last.  M.
Mutual Support Group
Dear Margareta
so good to hear from you. I will sort some dates asap. Is afternoon best for you? and should we try somewhere quieter than costa coffee? any amendments you would like to make to the page or the name? I was only able to put 100 words in the description which you can read if you click on the words Mutual support at the top of the page.
Margareta d
.Thanks Jenny
     I managed to get the new page without any trouble but didn't think of looking for any improvements to be made. But mutual support NEW PAGE is a good one as this makes it obvious this is the latest info et cetera.
       I wonder if you have managed to meet anybody else since we met on the 13th of December?
            Mid day to about 2pm is best for me but it might be too early for some others. We will just wait and see I suppose. Meeting in small groups might be an advantage anyway. 
          Costa was quiet enough I thought and as I find difficulties with hearing with background noise I was pleasantly surprised. 
           I didn't go to the craft group as I was not sure if it was on or not and the weather so dismal.
 Lets keep up the good work of streetlife. So many of us are thrilled with the progress. Mx
Mutual Support Group
Dear Margareta
Did you read the description I put there? we need a photo for the page too. I think I will change the name to Mutual support group,
I have met a few people since then, I met Louise R, Sarah Y and Frances M, all lovely. Still to meet Kim, Grace M and Amanda B. I am not sure yet of the privacy level within the group, its all a bit of a minefield for me, and I don't hink people should put phone numbers or addresses unless the messages are private.
I will be popping down to Kilburn delivery office to pick up a package tomorrow morning so could meet you for a cuppa around midday if you like?
Mutual Support Group
Dear all
please read the description and the Information that I have put on this page and let me know what you think. Click on Mutual support at the very top of this thread.
Margareta d
Dear jenny 
    I'd love to meet up tomorrow . What time do you suggest? !2 noon 1 pm or 2 pm and where? Would cafe Nero be a good place or just a corner meeting to decide where to go? could be at the corner of Kilburn High road and west end lane at the time you suggest to go to a nearby place. 
Mutual Support Group
lets meet at Cafe Nero on Kilburn high rd at 12?
Margareta d
   Yes please. Will be there. Mx
I got here too! Happy New Year and now time to finish/dump the chocolates ! All fine.
Like the idea of a separate page as do not want world to know my problems.

If people have mobility problems I wonder if the Tricycle or perhaps Camden Arts Centre could be alternatives for some other time?
I found Costa enjoyable and may be quieter after Xmas?
Looking forward to it all.

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